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“CTwoSEAS”. Climate Change: Science, Ethics and Society

The European project CTwoSEAS (Climate Change: Science, Ethics and Society) is an Erasmus + of Strategic Associations in the field of Higher Education. Currently in force, it began on 10/01/2019 and will end on 07/31/2022, after 34 months, and the presentation of the products developed during the life of the project. The official number assigned to the project by the European Commission is 2019-1-ES01-KA203-064188. It is endowed with a grant of €227,920 from the European Commission for three years and is coordinated by the UCM. Climate change is one of the most challenging global issues affecting all regions of the world. In some, its effects have involved extreme weather events and precipitation, while in others extreme heat waves and major droughts have been generated. Climate change is one of the engines that are the key to migration and food insecurity. These impacts are expected to intensify in the coming decades. The countries of the Mediterranean arch are particularly vulnerable to climate change and that is why the CTwoSEAS project focuses on these countries. The project partners have identified that there is an absence or lack of comprehensive training on climate change in European higher education institutions. In general, there are no cross-cutting subjects to offer students, and teachers in general, in topics that deal entirely with climate change. For this reason, the project proposes the development of a subject on this matter, as well as sufficient materials for it: a methodological guide, a content guide, and a learning platform with a community of practices for teachers and students at a European level.

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