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Third transnational meeting

Meeting ID
End Date
Fri, 12/02/2021 - 17:00
Athens, Greece
On-line meeting due to Covid situation organised by IVEPE-SEV.

17 participants

Aloizia Moschovakou
Nikos Moraitis

Luigi Milella

Vitor Gonçalves
Ana Raquel Rodrigues
Elisabete Mendes
Isabel Chumbo
Maria Raquel Vaz Patricio
José Luís Padrão Exposto

Nurgul Buyukkalay

Francisco J. García Tartera
Blanca Rodríguez López
Pilar Sánchez Millas
Inmaculada Aranaz Corral
Elena González Burgos
María José Pérez del Pozo
Pedro Castiñeiras García



The purpose of the meeting, as stated in our application, was to review the Methodological and Teaching guides (IO1 and IO2), to define the design and content of the Community of Practice (IO4) and to upload new content upload to the web page (IO3, excluded from the budget).



The main outcomes of the Athens transnational meeting were: We revised the methodological and teaching guides and decided to create two new questionnaires for the course, one to know about the background of the students on different scientific questions regarding Climate Change, and other to determine the attitude of the students towards environmental issues. Those questionnaires will be taken by the students before and after the course and their use will be twofold. On one hand, they will inform the teacher of the subject about the level of knowledge of the students, and on the other hand they will serve as an evaluation method, as the teacher will be able to monitor any change in the students’ attitude towards Climate Change. We also set a deadline for the finalisation of the guides. We discussed the last details of the Community of practice and the e-learning platform: who and how was going to include information in both platforms, which categories will be included in the platforms and how they will be organised (closed set of categories or a word cloud), design (colour, accessibility, registration, login).


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