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Universita Degli Studi Della Basilicata

UniBas - the University of Basilicata - was born in the aftermath of the severe earthquake which struck both the Basilicata and Campania regions on 23 November 1980 with a magnitude of 6.9 on the Richter scale (X degree of the Mercalli scale), and caused 2,914 casualties. On 18 September 1984, President Pertini himself signed the decree granting the University its official logogram.

UNIBAS is located in Potenza and in Matera, the two cities of Basilicata region. According to legislative reforms of 2012, that brought about a change in the University's overall organisation: Italian law no. 240/2010 - concerning 'university governance and organisation, academic staff and recruitment', and regulating how state universities must amend their statutes as regards governance and internal organisation - led to the establishment of six new Academic Divisions (four Departments: DiCEM - Department of European and Mediterranean Cultures, Environment, and Cultural Heritage; DiMIE - Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics; DiS - Department of Science; DiSU - Department of Humanities; two Schools: SI - School of Engineering, and SAFE - School of Agricultural, Forest, Food, and Environmental Sciences), which replaced the pre-existing twelve Departments and eight Faculties.

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Main added values for the project:

The University of Basilicata since its foundation has been working on different research topics to address climate changes. In fact in our Academic Divisions:  we have the Department of European and Mediterranean Cultures, Environment, and Cultural Heritage, Department of Science, Department of Humanities; School of Engineering, and the School of Agricultural, Forest, Food, and Environmental Sciences. In this Academic Divisions there are valuable Professors that are hardly working in groundbreaking research topics, dynamic educational programs and forums for convening diverse experts. Our University is positioned to develop transversal researches that help in understanding and mitigate climate change and build a more sustainable future.


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