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Instituto Politécnico de Bragança

The IPB has consolidated its dimension to more than 8,000 students and offers over one hundred courses and degrees, namely short cycle higher education courses, bachelors, post graduations and masters.

The focus on the qualifications of its teaching staff created the conditions for the development of applied research, in cooperation with other institutions in Portugal and Europe.  The internationalization of the IPB is one of its current strategic challenges. The last decade has confirmed the IPB as one of the institutions which most extensively promoted academic mobility in Portugal. 

The IPB began its academic internationalization in the framework of the European mobility of students and teachers over 15 years ago. Since then, the IPB has established bilateral cooperation and mobility with more than 150 institutions from 22 European countries. The results from this initiative are rather encouraging and have positioned the institution at a level of prominence both nationally and internationally. In 2011 the IPB was awarded the Erasmus Consortium Placement Certificate.

Nowadays the IPB is a multicultural institution where 30% of its students are international students from all over the World. IPB is also recognized by its performance in applied research and regional engagement.

IPB Campus


Main added values for the project:

  • Member of the Universities of Applied Sciences European network
  • Member of the Portuguese Polytechnic Higher Education system
  • Focus on Internationalization (over 150 bilateral agreements with HEIs from 22 European countries)

Campus de Santa Apolónia, 5300-253

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Vitor Gonçalves
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